Play on!

Ardenwit Studio shares the stories preserved in fleeting moments and created by double-take discoveries. Based in Philadelphia, it inspires creative collaborations among photography, words, design, and people.

LCKelley founded Ardenwit Studio in 2006, collaborating primarily with classical musicians, music education programs, and Philadelphia arts institutions. The results have been published in Symphony and Overtones magazines, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and Penn Museum's Expedition, as well as online.

LCKelley treasures capturing the laughter of family celebrations and the wit of moments, too. On photographic wanderings, the camera leads her eye to take a fresh look around.

An organic, playful style emerges from LCKelley's diverse background, blending theatre teamwork, jazz improvisation, and creative non-fiction with visual documentation and exploration. Among the experiences that have honed her skills were week-long summer programs at Maine Photographic Workshops and the International Center of Photography.

Creative Collaborations

Ardenwit Studio partners in Creative Collaborations with Ed Hart's visual data and graphic design studio, Grafhartwerx design & production. Their projects, which combine design vision and storytelling detail, prove that "Two Harts are better than one."

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